What is AutoSPY?

AutoSPY is a powerful software package for measuring, visualizing and analyzing signal data in all areas of industrial automation. AutoSPY will support you in testing and documenting during the development of embedded or control software, in parameterizing and optimizing an automation process during commissioning, or in monitoring systems and analyzing sporadic faults during operation!

With all our products, we place great emphasis on quality, performance and usability to provide you with tools that work robustly in everyday use, are intuitive to use and give you the information you need as quickly as possible.

What can I use AutoSPY for?

System malfunctions, which are very rare and sporadic, are difficult to find using conventional means. There can be many reasons for error, for example, loose contacts on signal lines, tolerance errors on workpiece carriers, static charges or precipitation on optical measuring equipment. Using long-term data acquisition in conjunction with triggering for known errors, AutoSPY generates the data basis for subsequent error diagnosis. The tool thus helps to either efficiently find or definitely rule out the suspected causes.

Not only during commissioning, but also during ongoing system operation, there is a need to readjust individual process parameters in order to either achieve the desired operation for the first time or to optimize it. Using immediate feedback of the live visualization on signal data changes and the use of cursors for time measurement, both tasks can be easily handled with AutoSPY.

If parts of the system documentation are missing or if described requirements are outdated because the specification has changed, an updated process description can be prepared quickly. For this purpose, AutoSPY can be used to record all relevant signals of the process and print them out if required. The logging of the actual condition can also be very important for error documentation and for providing evidence in the event of disputes.

A large number of signals and parallel process sequences involving controllers, drives, operator panels and other automation devices create a high level of complexity which makes it difficult to assess the system status. AutoSPY helps you to understand the monitored processes and the relationships between them using its simultaneous visualization of abstract signal data and captured video images. This can be very valuable when developing and testing new control software.

AutoSPY with all its details.

AutoSPY consists of the Analyzer and the Drivers. The core of AutoSPY is the Analyzer. It coordinates the recordings and visualizes the signal data. It is always needed – nothing works without it. To capture new signal data you need at least one AutoSPY driver. Choose from our offer those drivers which fit to your data sources. You can find more info here:

I would like to use AutoSPY. What do I need?

To get started with AutoSPY right away, simply download our demo version.

In the demo version, all the features of the full version are available, but a maximum of two signals from one data source can be recorded for an unlimited time. Video recording is limited to one minute. The display is also limited to showing the first two signals of any signal track document.
Have you already tried out the demo version and now want to use AutoSPY for production?

Then the question of the appropriate licensing model has to be answered. We can currently offer you single user licenses and network licenses (each with USB dongle) or site licenses (without dongle). You still have questions or need a quote? Then write to us, call us or just drop by.